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Cody Lowry

Chief Marketing Officer

Cody Lowry takes vision and makes it a reality. He is also an inspirational leader whose stories move people to action and foster a winning, can-do attitude.


Here are just a few of those stories:

• Setting up a meeting with the President of the United States in one week.

• Being asked to carry the torch in the Olympic torch relay.

• Getting a baseball signed by the Pope.

• Being presented with a Super Bowl ring from one of the NFL’s Hall of Fame coaches.

• Auditioning for Saturday Night Live with only a 48 hour notice.

• Schmoozing his way on to Augusta National.


Cody Lowry’s story is an upbeat and hilarious one. But it wasn’t always that way. His past knew poverty, abandonment, and a family that moved thirty-two times within a seven-year period. Yet today, he’s a Pied Piper of positivity with advice for your group on how to Schmooze your way into a better life.


Cody takes on life with a unique perspective, executing bold ideas, making others laugh, and being ever mindful of the little guy. Past divisional President of The Intermark Group, a full-service advertising digital and branding agency located in Birmingham, Alabama, Cody is a refreshing change of pace and a welcome addition to any corporate boardroom looking for innovative, realistic, out of the box ideas and solutions.


Prior to joining the Intermark Group, Cody was Founder and President of DynaMedia Of America, a full- service advertising agency located in Tampa, Florida. With his instinctive Ritz Carlton-esque commitment to customer service, Cody successfully built a multi-million-dollar agency with client retention lasting as long as 30 years.


Cody holds a marketing and communication degree from the University of South Florida, but because of his humble and chaotic beginnings, he is most proud of his graduation from what Alan Dershowitz once termed Cody’s diploma from the “The School of Hard Knocks.”

Cody Lowry
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