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W. Benjamin Minton

Director of Business Development & Director of the KeyRX Select Program

Ben has an extensive broad spectrum of knowledge and business development spanning several industries including medical biotechnology, advanced acellular product technology and product contract manufacturing, worldwide proprietary product distribution and baseline financial market technology architecture.

For 30+ years Ben has served several key markets with advanced first in class proprietary products and services. He has spearheaded numerous efforts leading teams of Physicians, PHDs, Veterinarians, Chemists, Laboratory staffs, Manufactures, Accountants, Attorneys and Intellectual property designers. His experience, broad diverse knowledge and ability to find unique solutions to fill and couple complex market voids with consumer demands has been a hallmark of his career.

Ben lives in Manalapan NJ with his wife Lisa and has three children Kiley, Tyler and Zachary.


W. Benjamin Minton
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