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You Deserve an
Amazing Retirement

Building Blueprints to Ensure Retirement Dreams

Retirement Architecture, a new division of KeyArx, uses a proprietary "Blueprinting" retirement process to assist people in working more efficiently with their financial advisors, insurance professionals, tax professionals and estate planning attorneys.

Do I have Enough Money for the Retirement I Deserve?

Without careful planning, you can easily lock yourself into a lifestyle that may prevent you from pursuing your retirement goals. Our blueprints are designed to enable our clients to better understand their accumulated retirement assets, to check progress on their current retirement plan, identify potential risks from both market volatility and future taxation, and get a second opinion from an independent third party professional. All of this will help you focus on what may be needed to maintain your desired retirement style.

Above the Clouds

“Most people prefer to stick their head in the sand and avoid facing retirement planning, but the peace of mind that comes from a stated income plan, financial clarity and preparedness is worth the process.”

Paul Cella

Managing Principal, The KeyArx Group

Deserve Magazine - because you deserve the retirement you want.

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