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Our 4 Pillars to Retirement


1. Organize Finances

Over your life you have collected many items and knowing what you have you will be better off than those who don’t.

  • Track your assets vs. you goals

  • Store important documents in a private vault

  • View your assets on one secure site

  • Develop Your Stated Income Plan

  • Reviews progress and offers periodic evaluations


2. Optimize Social Security

With over 2000 rules and 500 ways to file for Social Security, we provide:

  • Optimal filing methods and allows you to adjust parameters to compare different strategies

  • Provide instructions on how to file

  • Integrate Social Security into your comprehensive retirement income plan


3. Determine your Healthcare Costs

This will be one of your largest expenses.

  • Creating a plan to address health care costs in retirement

  • Determine total investment needed at retirement

  • Impact of not taking action


4. Insurance Review

A comprehensive evaluation of your insurance coverage confirms whether the choices you made years ago still make sense, and most importantly, if the policy you own is the most efficient policy available today.

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