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1000's of Physicians Serviced Nationally

The KeyArx Group designs, distributes, educates and enrolls medical practices, IPA’s, ACO’s, RRG’s, GPO’s, CIN's and hospitals in custom benefit programs.

As healthcare professional practices continue to affiliate, benefits administrators and their brokers are tasked with offering valuable benefit solutions that meet the highly specialized needs of individual healthcare professionals while providing the purchasing scale and ease of administration crucial to sponsors.

Physician LTD Program Highlights
  • Defines “Own Occupation” based on your CPT codes 

  • Up to $25,000 per month of coverage

  • Guaranteed Issue: no medical exams or blood required

  • Retirement Provision: continues to fund 401k/PS plan up to $60,000 per year 

  • Malpractice provision: pays practice the premiums up to $50,000 if disabled

  • Key Person Provision: pays $360,000 to practice, funds can be used to bring in another doctor, reduce practice expenses or applied toward buy/out.

  • Medical Loans: pays up to $1,000 per month toward medical loans

Simply Give Us 3 Things

Employee Census

Current Policy

Invoice from Current Provider

 And we will give you...increased cost stability, renewal and purchasing power, unique contract provisions and extended rate guarantees. We will get you better benefits for less money.

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