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We provide a platform for our membership that stimulates understanding of and competence in advanced strategies, tools, and techniques. We want our members to be independent without being alone, be more relevant in their client’s eye, and be able to achieve more of what’s important in their personal and professional lives—without compromise.


Retirement Architecture™uses a proprietary "Blueprinting" retirement process to assist people in working more efficiently with their financial advisors, insurance professionals, tax professionals and estate planning attorneys. These blueprints enable our clients to better understand their accumulated retirement assets and check the progress on their current retirement plan, as well as identify potential risks from both market volatility and future taxation. Our program relies on Financial Professionals who believe Worst-Case Scenarios are possible, or even probable, leading them to "think outside of the box" to develop defensive disaster avoidance strategies.


Sage Consulting and Wealth Preservation is a specialty Estate and Insurance Planning and Corporate Benefits Consulting firm located in historic Saratoga Springs, New York. Our goal is to identify the needs and objectives of our clients and meet them with specifically tailored, creative, appropriate, and tax-advantaged solutions. We combine our expertise with a collaborative approach; drawing together each client's existing advisors with our talented principals and affiliates.


Everything we do starts with learning what is important to you.  Understanding your unique story is vital in the development of a financial plan with your best interests in mind. Our goal is to help you preserve and grow capital while minimizing volatility. By integrating alternative investments and various non-correlated investment strategies, we strive to create a more stable investment experience.


JGS Insurance was established in 1919 as an Independent Insurance Agency that is privately owned. The two principal owners, Kenneth Hager and Vincent Hager, represent in excess of 40 carriers both national and regional. JGS recognizes the complexities and demands of a comprehensive P&C Insurance program for their clients. We realize that very often cost is a decisive factor in determining your selection of an insurance carrier.


Momentum is a team of resources curated by one family which now serves and collaborates with other families and family offices. Momentum steps in where all aspects of planning converge – tax planning, asset protection, family office structure, family governance, risk management, philanthropy and efficient wealth transfer. Success for each family, including our own family office, is different; goals and objectives evolve over time. Momentum was built to accommodate each family on their journey at all stages of their life cycle. Our goal is simple: to perpetuate values, businesses, and wealth; to create and enhance legacies.


Harbor Life Brokerage combines a revolutionary online settlement auction platform with personalized service to provide a seamless way for buyers and sellers to exchange policies with complete transparency.


“Our clients receive the personal touch only a small firm can provide.” 
Rafel LLC is a disability insurance law firm representing people seeking short term and long term disability benefits and long term care. From her office in Florham Park, NJ, attorney Bonny Rafel helps individuals navigate through the difficult process of filing for disability with insurance companies, and fighting for their benefits when the claims are denied.


The Sierra Group, Ltd. is a unique firm which focuses on the needs of today’s High Net Worth Business Owner. The Sierra Group provides Zero Estate Tax Planning which is centered on the client’s vision, not a preset strategy. The Architects at the Sierra Group provide custom designed solutions to the client’s situation, a blueprint for the structures the client’s advisors will follow in constructing the client’s Estate Plan. As Business Owners, the Sierra Group’s clients have the added responsibility to deal with their business interest, this maybe the sale of their business to a third party or the passing of their business interest to the next generation. Both require the Sierra Group to design a custom strategy to eliminate Capital Gains or Gift Tax liabilities. Business Owners usually translate into high income clients, either on the corporate level or personal level, which seek out legitimate ways to reduce their Income Tax liabilities. The Sierra Group works with its clients on a proactive basis to reduce these taxes. Finally, in today's litigious society, the Sierra Group works in concert with the client’s legal counsel to design a structure which provides for maximum Asset Protection. 


360 Smarter Care enables better self-management, healthier decision making, with improved outcomes by providing a system of direct-delivered resources to insured employees in their moments of need, creating AI-driven personalized care plans that offer the ultimate mass scalability. Our proven science-based human behavior assistance provides motivation, activation, and support. This results in higher levels of adherence to the ‘doctor’s orders’ and more positive outcomes by better engaging and serving employees no matter the state of their health. Our interaction with your employees reduces preventable hospital and doctor office visits, absenteeism, all while improving productivity and reducing cost of care, on average 10% of the total healthcare spend.


Midentify provides real-time online segmenting without touching personally identifiable information (PII). This technology allows companies to enhance and optimize digital campaigns without privacy concerns. Founder, Rudy De La Garza, Jr., is a 20+ year veteran of digital marketing who led the organic and paid media efforts for from 2006-2013 and organic media for Quinstreet from 2013-2016. Midentify brings immediate results in yield and scale.

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