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The KeyArx LTD program is a custom designed program, which is coordinated with individual plans, that can typically bring the total cost down 30% or more from a traditional IDI (Individual Disability Insurance) and other fully underwritten individual products alone. This program offers guaranteed issue (no medical requirements) and while providing “Specialty Occupation Coverage” that covers multiple contingencies:

Plan Highlights:

  • Up to $25,000 per month of additional long-term disability (without offsetting any individual LTD coverage)

  • Retirement Provision – this continues contributions to your 401k or Profit Sharing Plan up to $60,000 per year.

  • Medical Malpractice Rider – pays the premium for traditional malpractice, risk retention or captive up to $75,000 if partially disabled

  • Business Overhead (Key Person) Rider – helps defray the overhead cost of a firm while a covered professional or key employee experiences a period of disability (up to $15,000/month for 24 months, indemnity payment). These funds can be used to bring in another professional, offset office expenses or apply toward a buy-out of disabled physician.

Best Suited for:

  • High Income Professionals: business owners, physicians, dentists, multi-specialty practices, ACO, MSO, Super Groups and hospitals. 

  • Our program currently insures more than 125,000 physicians and 10,000 practices across the nation. 

  • Best Contact: Managing Partner, Owner, CFO or Director of Practice Operations

Individual Disability Insurance

Up to $30K/month 
Tax-Fee Coverage



Guaranteed Issue Programs

Overhead & Buy/Sell

Group Insurance

Custom Designs

Up to $25K/Month Tax-Free Coverage

$5K Monthly Qualified Plan Protection

Guaranteed Issue & Voluntary Programs

Typical Benefit Increase

30-50% Net Neutral

DI Excess Coverage

Custom Designs for
Affluent Income Earners ($3M+)

Up to $250K/Month

Tax-Free Coverage

Lump Sum Payments $5M - $50M

Voluntary Programs
(Enrollment Platforms)

Jumbo Buy/Sell & Key Person

“Paul Cella is the type of broker we cherish working with at MGIS. Paul understands healthcare professionals and their unique income protection needs. These high-earners need an advisor like Paul, who has a proven track record, the confidence of specialty disability insurance writers like us, and the credibility to partner with local brokers. We look forward to many more years of partnering with Paul.”


Jeff Brunken, President, MGIS 

“The KeyArx Group’s focus on the contractual provisions and qualitative aspects of the claim process are appreciated and very much in your insured’s interest. The Hartford differentiates ourselves at claim time and we embrace the opportunity to work with true group disability experts like The KeyArx Group.”


Mark Bernstein

National Account Executive

The Hartford

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