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The Value of a Life Review

Your life insurance policy is one of the most valuable assets you own. When you purchased it, you probably made certain assumptions about future needs, interest rates, planned premiums and other considerations.While the original reason may still exist, your needs may have changed, requiring more or less coverage.

Life Constantly Changes

  • New family situation

  • Different career

  • Shift in financial status

  • Change in health and many others


Why Do a Life Review – A Life Insurance Review may:

  • Increase death benefit

  • Lower premiums

  • Extend coverage duration

  • Increase projected cash accumulation | income flow and ensure financial strength of carrier


The KeyArx Team Will:

  • Evaluate your original and current goals.

  • Discuss how/if your current policy fits.

  • Gather information and current in-force illustrations.

  • Help you determine if your policy is on track.

  • Recommend changes to bring it up to date.

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